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Canon Promotional Videos for the EOS 5Ds & EOS 5DsR

The EOS 5DS DSLR Camera (Body Only) from Canon is the long-awaited follow-up to the loved 5D Mark III and brings with it new technology and a number of significant upgrades, placing it in very lofty territory for a DSLR.
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Coopers Green Park Dive Site

Coopers Green Park is home to one of the easiest and most rewarding dive sites in British Columbia. The site has unobstructed access via a small sloping beach and an island immediately off shore for easy exploring.
By |August 24th, 2013|Adventure Travel|0 Comments

Lembeh Resort

Thank You Lembeh Resort for being such amazing hosts for one of the best dive trips we’ve had. I would highly recommend staying here for some of the best diving you will experience.  Lembeh resort offers very spacious Traditional Minahasan Cottages are fully detached and located along the front resort gardens, which are directly behind the waterline. […]

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Cozumel Diving 101

Cøzumel Diving has been considered to be some of the best scuba diving in the world for the past three decades
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How to Choose the Right Underwater Housing?

As technology changes so does the way we capture images underwater. So here are some pointers when it comes time to buy that underwater housing.
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East Central Galapagos Islands & Dive Sites

The center islands of the Galapagos are surrounded by water that is not so deep as in the north or west. Most places are more protected and the water generally is somewhat warmer (21 to 26°C around Santa Cruz and slightly cooler around Santiago). Dive sites are very varied and can be combined with land […]

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West Central Galapagos Islands & Dive Sites

The Galapagos is an extremely sensitive and protected part of the world. Over the past decade there have been numerous changes to live-aboard, land tour and diving permits. Also most live-aboard companies are only booking agencies with boats holding their brand name. A lot of these boats are franchises. From time to time boats will […]

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North Galapagos Island Dive Sites

The north of the Galapagos is practically unknown to most visitors to the Galapagos, but Wolf (Wenman) and Darwin (Culpepper), two small and remote islands that can only be reached by liveaboard vessel, are a favorite destination for divers.

Wolf and Darwin, are located 186 km and 229km, respectively northwest of the northern tip of Isabela, […]

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Galapagos Species

Galapagos species – In the pages about the Galapagos islands, the word “endemic” is often used to describe a species that only occurs on these islands. Endemic animals or plants are restricted to a particular geographic region and found nowhere else in the world. Endemism usually occurs in areas that are isolated in some way. […]

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Bonaire Dive Sites

Over the last two decades, Bonaire has consistently ranked as the finest snorkeling and scuba diving destination in the Caribbean. A major reason for this prominence is the island’s diligent stewardship of its marine resources — all of the waters off Bonaire’s coast have been legally protected since 1979, and it shows.The Bonaire National Marine Park […]

By |February 6th, 2011|Adventure Travel|1 Comment

Galapagos Geology and Climate

The Galapagos Archipelago comprises 13 large islands, 6 small islands, 42 islets and a number of small rocks and pinnacles, which make up a total land surface of 8,000km2.
By |July 24th, 2010|Conservation|1 Comment

Experienced enough… Galapagos need to knows

Diving is a sport where you need to listen to yourself. Diving in places like the Galapagos is as much mentally and emotionally demanding as it is physically demanding.
By |July 24th, 2010|Adventure Travel|2 Comments

Humboldt Invasion

I woke up Monday morning to take the dog for a walk along Mackenzie Beach in Tofino where I stumbled across a very strange site. There where a number of Humboldt squid that had washed ashore
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